Parents/guardians are requested to call the office by 8:00 A.M if a student is going to be absent for the day or send a note on the day of the student’s return to school. If the district office has not been notified, an attempt will be made to contact the parent/guardian.

ANY unexcused absence (no written or verbal contact from parent/guardian) results in the student receiving a ZERO for each class not attended. The absence will be considered unexcused if no parental notification is received within 24 hours. Students are responsible for making up schoolwork for any days missed due to an absence. Students will be given one day per each excused absence date to make-up work.

ARS 15-802,803 states that a student is excessively absent if they miss more than 10% of the school year. In effect students are required to attend school as least 90% of the time. At 144 days of school each year students would only be allowed to miss no more than 7 days each semester. All students with more than 7 absences will need to contact the office to start the appeal process.